Deep Learning & AI

Artificial Intelligence improves processes, optimizes the use of resources and allows forecasts. GNS Systems develops innovative models for deep learning and AI for your engineering workloads. To this end, we build and operate the appropriate system and infrastructure landscape.


New insights with data analytics

In engineering today, there are numerous use cases for data analytics. In simulations, users recognize termination criteria at an early stage, receive reports on conspicuous results or important monitoring values. As an independent discipline, data analytics provide new insights. Furthermore, they are suitable as an essential basic technology on the way to AI. Goal-oriented data analytics form the basis for AI models. At the same time, the use of AI in data analytics holds new potential. In connection with artificial neural networks, GNS Systems enables deep learning for engineering data.

Develop smart AI algorithms

Software developers and engineering experts from GNS Systems create AI algorithms and applications that fit your use cases and questions. Extended by AI components, the licence monitoring tool lEYEcense from GNS Systems allows for example a prediction of job waiting times: Users receive a forecast for the next seven days based on the historical data of the previous weeks. Even in simulation processes, the concrete use of AI algorithms is no longer just a dream of the future, but a tangible reality.

Building powerful AI infrastructures

Behind AI are complex models and calculations that require a lot of power. This requires an equally powerful and reliable AI infrastructure. GNS Systems advises you on infrastructure architectures which optimally map your AI use cases and, if required, takes over integration and operation. The bandwidth ranges from robust on-premise clusters for high performance computing to cloud services and the use of container clusters with cubernets for maximum flexibility.

Your advantages with GNS Systems:

  • Extensive data analytics for simulations and monitoring
  • Expertise on engineering processes and applications
  • Development of tailored AI algorithms and models
  • Comprehensive service for consulting, integration and operation of AI infrastructures
  • Technology expertise on Jupyter, Pandas, Apache Spark, Grafana, TensorFLow, Keras, Caffe, Torch, Kubernetes and others

IT Services


High Performance Computing

For extreme computing and data intensive applications.

Cloud Computing

Build and operate HPC clusters in the cloud - simply and reliably.

Simulation Data Management

Selection, integration, operation and further development of SDM systems.

Data Management & Analytics

Requirement management and proof of concepts of tailor-made solutions.

Deep Learning & AI

Effective data analysis, models and architectures for AI.

Digital Engineering Workplace

Advanced technologies and computing power for engineering workloads.

Software Engineering

Planning and development of customer-specific software.

Systems & Application Management (Linux/Windows)

Management of system infrastructures.